Our products are all designed and made in Brazil using a fabric called Supplex®.

This material is unique as it combines the cottony-soft comfort with gentle support and great fit. The advanced fiber technology makes Supplex® flexible, lightweight and softer to the touch than regular Nylon. 

Combined with Lycra fiber, Supplex® brings comfort, stretch, fit and freedom of movement!

Other benefits of this incredible fabric combination are the following: 

  • quick to dry
  • breathable
  • soft - feels like your own skin
  • holds its shape
  • retains color
  • waterproof
  • anti-abrasive 

And this is not all! Thanks to this perfect combination, our products come in one size that fits a wide range of measurements. In general this means:

  • 0 - 8 for leggings
  • 30 - 34 / A - DD for tops 

Below more details on the sizing:


If you would like to know more, email us at and we are happy to answer all your questions!

But now, let's go back to shopping...! :) 

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