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Our Story

Sarada Fitness Wear was founded by Genevieve, an avid fitness lover. Her passion for fitness and fashion led her to create an online boutique for unique, fashion-forward and feminine athleisure wear from Brazil and all over the world for women of all ages! Her mission is to unleash every woman’s strength and confidence through feeling like a true Saradona in and out of the gym!

Genevieve has lived in Brazil and while there fell in love with the culture of the Brazilian people. To her, Brazil is her second home and represents happiness, colors, and femininity. She works with brands that remind her of this beautiful country and what it stands for.

Sarada Fitness Wear is a result of this passion that inspires us every day. We want to add value to all women’s lives through what our brand stands for: always inspiring to be a strong and confident woman, a Saradona!

Wearing our pieces brings out that extra to let women feel sexy and confident about themselves. We want you ladies to celebrate your progress and look and feel sexy each and every step of the way!