Who is Sarada Fitness Wear?

Hello Saradonas, 

Welcome to the first Sarada post!:) Super excited to share my thoughts about health, fitness and of course fun!

So let's just dive in: who is Sarada anyway? Well, my name is Genevieve, the master mind behind Sarada Fitness Wear. I started my company in 2016 with the mission to bring colors, fashion, and of course a lot of sass to the Canadian active wear market from the sexiest country ever: Brazil! 

Starting Sarada was by far the scariest, most challenging but also the most rewarding experience I've ever done in my life. All the hustle is worth it because thanks to Sarada, I get to be in the industry that I LOVE, meet amazing Saradonas every day, and bring some extra sexiness and confidence to this world! :)

Make sure to watch the video by clicking HERE to see all the fun I had with one of my closest friends and vlogger, Patrick trying on some Sarada outfits. Yes, he also tried on a few... :)

Thanks for checking us out and come back for more!

with Love, 


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