How Do You Choose Your Workout Clothes?

Interview With Police Officer and Personal Trainer Kristy Elizabeth

Today we take a step back not to review the how or why of improving our fitness, but to reflect on an even more basic component- how to choose appropriate clothing for working out.

To help, we enlisted trainer Kristy Elizabeth, a 9-year veteran of the police force, who in her spare time is also a fitness/posing trainer, and a nationally qualified athlete.

Kristy has been a trainer for over four years now, and between that and her experience as a police officer, has plenty of material to consider how clothes impact performance, whether it’s keeping streets safe, or working up a sweat at the gym.

Take it from a trainer who knows best- what do you most look for in workout clothes?

KE: Something that is comfortable, but also stylish. There has to be that combination. You want to feel good working out so you have to pay attention to good fit, good movement when completing exercises, but also flattering and makes you feel good.  When you look and feel good you tend to have a better workout.  I don't care so much about brand names personally, rather I prefer something that's comfortable, suits the particular type of workout I’ll be doing and most importantly, looks and feels good.

fitness model with long hair wearing a black top with pink crochet detailing in the front

How have you seen workout clothes change over the past few years?

KE: I've noticed the trend seems to be going more yoga-based, tighter clothes for gym environments, rather than the former style of loose and baggy t-shirts, track pants or shorts. I think people, women specifically, are becoming more comfortable with their bodies and in their own skin and not necessarily hiding their bodies the way they used to, which is great.

Do you consider materials? Fit? Range of motion? Durability? What other factors?

KE: Material is definitely important. You want something light, soft, and flexible that moves well. Also important that it’s breathable. It needs to be a material that's strong so it doesn't go see-through when moving around (pants stretching too much and going see through while doing squats!).  Also, something durable as gym clothes are only worn for a short time frame but get washed often. So something that washes well and is a good quality material that you don't need to worry about.

What are a few of your favorite non-traditional brands now?

KE: I’d have to say most women and the brand most often seen throughout the fitness industry is definitely Lululemon. That said, I’m seeing some women turn away from it due to the high cost factor.

How much is price a consideration?

KE: Price is definitely a consideration, for example some people see price tags and then opt for something a little more cost effective, however usually with that you are giving up quality.

The beautiful Kristy! :)

Which items do you always have with you when you go to the gym?

KE: For me it’s my lifting straps; I have to have them with me. I use them for back day but also for leg day. Another would be my wireless headphones. I always bring a back-up pair of actual headphones to use with my phone in case my head phones are dead, but yes definitely have to have my workout music!

Interview condensed and edited by Benjamin Rhatigan

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