What's Your Body Type and How Best Train?

It’s very helpful to understand what your body type is and what trainings work best for it to reach your ideal physique. There are 3 main body types: ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph. However, people rarely fall into one category only, but are usually a combination. Still, it’s a great starting point. 


You guys are the lucky ones! Ectomorphs process carbs quickly and burn it off easily. You stay lean most of the time. What you struggle with is putting on muscle. The key here is to keep cardio sessions to a minimum (so LUCKY!!!). Train intense focusing on compound exercises, such as deadlift and leg press as they involve more muscle groups. You also need to eat more and be in a calorie surplus with a combination of healthy fats, starchy carbs and protein. Supplements are also very important for this body type so make sure you incorporate them in your diet. 


Endomorphs have a larger bone structure, wider waist, and store more body fat, mostly in the lower body. It’s challenging to manage your weight and overall fitness, but of course it’s not impossible! If you fall into this group, you need to do more medium- to high-intensity cardio and heavy weight / low rep types of training.  In terms of nutrition, a low-carb, high protein and high fiber diet is most ideal. Carbs should come from vegetables, not white bread and rice. The combination of these will help with reducing fat in the whole body.


Mesomorphs won the gene lottery! You find it easiest to build muscle, you are muscular and well-built with a high metabolism. If you’re in this body type group, you’ll need to have a lot of whole grains but have to limit your fat intake. Since you are naturally well-built, it’s important that you don’t take that for granted and still go hard in the gym and keep a well-balanced diet. Train like an athlete, set yourself challenging goals, do sprints and power moves. You can eat moderate amount of carbs but from a healthy source.

So before you start a meal plan or training plan, think about what your body type is to figure out the best way to get results. 

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