Skorts and Shorts 101

Let’s face it--you’re putting in some serious time at the gym, but you’re not dressing the part. You’ve built your new body from the ground up, but your old wardrobe doesn’t compliment it--nothing compliments you like our skorts and shorts.

As some of the best fitness shorts and workout skirts for women on the market, we’re dedicated to your comfort. Looking good? You’ve already taken care of that, now let us accentuate it!

Comfort That Doesn’t Cut Into You

We were all there at one point--department store “fitness wear.” It’s tough, it doesn’t compliment your body, and it cuts into you, leaving marks around your waist and calves. Those big box stores don’t understand; our women's sport skorts and workout shorts have comfortable elastic waistbands that hug you without hurting you.

Breathable Material

While you’re breaking a sweat, your performance wear should be up to the task. Durability and comfort mesh together to keep you cradled in a soft touch, while you put in the hard work. It’s not just about being breathable; our work out shorts and skorts for women are quick-drying, so you don’t have to shy away from a day at the beach, or worry about them staying damp after a hardcore workout.

UPF 50+ UV protection

You want to look good, but you need to continue to feel good. Harmful UV rays wear you down and bring on health-related problems, which is why our women athletic skorts and shorts are built to keep those harmful effects at bay--just another way that your workout gear works for you.

You’ll have our skirts and skorts for many years to come, just be certain to check out our fabric care page and learn how to easily care for the best wardrobe decision you’ve made in years!

Beautiful, sassy and comfortable for a day at the beach, on the golf course, at the gym or at a photoshoot! Made from high quality, stretchy and soft Supplex from Brazil. Dare to stand out and dare to be a Saradona! Check our entire skorts and shorts selection and find your next fitness look.


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