What is Sexy Fitness?

Sexy fitness is about reaping the rewards after numerous days and nights of hard work. It’s about a look in the mirror that shows you what you’re made of, yet challenges you to go further. When you push the envelope, the sky’s the limit--these are our best pieces to compliment what you’ve already achieved, so treat yourself! Check out our sexy womens fitness wear and bombshell sportswear looks. 

Sexy Fitness Look #1

Onix Body with Mesh. This breathable, comfortable full-body mesh puts focus where you want it, every single time. Soft, lightweight, and comes with removable bra padding.

Sexy fitness women's jumper

Sexy Fitness Look #2

Africa One Shoulder Top - Looking and feeling your best has never been easier. Lightweight and soft to the touch, the Africa One Shoulder Top provides comfort, breathability, and accentuates that sexy body you’ve been working so hard on, with a touch of shine in the material for an added effect.

sexy fitness women's sports bra africa print


Sexy Fitness Look #3

Summer Body - Show off your summer body with this two-in-one item. Wear it to the beach, fit it to wear to the gym - the choice is yours, but one thing’s for certain: you’ll be showcasing your confidence and hard work in this.


sexy fitness workout bodysuit printed



Sexy Fitness Look #4

Wild At Heart LeggingsCrafted in Brazil (like all our fine products), you get breathable, UV-resistant legwear that looks killer with our Wild At Heart top.

sexy fitness style women's Printed Leggings

Sexy Fitness Look #6

Camo LeggingsRock the camo look! This waistband hugs you without cutting into you, sporting a compression fit for optimal muscle performance in the gym.


sexy fitness camo workout leggings

Sexy Fitness Look #7

Berlin Crop TopChoose your color and match it with our Berlin Leggings to complete your look, help you feel your best, and continue to dominate your goals. Breathable, compression fit, and an elastic waist to help you feel your best.

sexy fitness for Women's Fitness Top's

Sexy Fitness Look #8

No Bad VIbesHow can you have bad vibes when you look this good? Whether it’s a jumper or a short, you’ll be sending out all sorts of good vibes wherever you go!

sexy fitness Women's Sport Skorts No Bad Vibes


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