Motivation Tips to Go to the Gym

Don’t you have those days when you just simply can’t get out of bed even though you know you should really be going to the gym? Well, you’re not alone! But here are 3 easy to do tips that you can use to get your butt to the gym.


This works great! Ask a friend who is on a similar fitness level as you to train with you on a few days. Making a commitment with someone will definitely motivate you to get out of bed. It’s also a lot more fun to go to the gym when you know you’ll meet your friend there. It’s fun to train together and you can push each other to go harder!

gym buddies


This is very powerful! The reason you started your fitness journey is what will always keep you motivated. Are you getting ready for the beach or for your wedding day? Want to be a great example for your kids? Want to get stronger? Whatever your reason is, keep reminding yourself why you started on the days that are harder to get to the gym. Put a note on your mirror in the bathroom and on the fridge that says “remember your why” to keep this in my mind every day. Makes a big difference!

 Remember your why


Yeah, you heard me right: dress up! If you wear something that makes you feel not only comfortable but also beautiful you are much more likely to get motivated. Sarada Fitness Wear is all about this: feeling confident and sexy in our sexy fitness wear. Whether you wear one of our sexy shorts, leggings, or jumpsuits, our pieces are one-of-a-kind and will sure make you stand out.

Sexy Romper

Try these next time you feel stuck in bed. You'll see that they will definitely help and in a few weeks they will become a new habit. 

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