Keep Your Energy High!

Do you have those days when fatigue seems to take over your life and you need a serious nap? It happens to all of us when our busy lives seem to catch up with us. So how do you combat fatigue? There are a few little changes you can incorporate in your daily life to stay healthy and also keep your energy last longer.

AVOID CARB HEAVY PROCESSED FOODS: like pizza, donuts, pasta, burgers, and all the other fast foods that we love so much. Yes, they might taste delicious, but they are full of processed carbs that will leave you full only for a short time and then without energy again.

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DRINK MORE WATER AND AVOID ALCOHOL: dehydration can make you feel tired so make sure you drink enough water to keep your body energized.

EXERCISE REGULARLY: while this may seem counter intuitive, getting more physical activity increases energy. If you work in an office and feel tired, you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym. Taking a 10-minute walk will also help with fatigue.

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AVOID SUGAR HEAVY FOODS: these will spike your blood sugar giving you a burst of energy. The bad part is this energy burst is followed by a quick drop in blood sugar leaving you feeling exhausted.

EAT HIGHER PROTEIN FOODS: these will keep you feel full and will also sustain your energy much longer.  

DRINK COFEE: coffee has many health benefits, one of them being a great energizer. Add some low-fat milk to it for some protein to maintain your energy longer. 2 to 4 cups a day will keep you going all day.

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Which of these are helpful for you? Share your experience here.

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