Five things You Didn't Know about Supplex for Sexy Activewear

Supplex has been catching the spotlight ever since it came along. Feeling the blend of cotton while reaping the rewards of a stretchy, durable fabric has made for the perfect construction in numerous yoga and fitness outfits (including some of our favorites). So why is this magic material the focus of so many manufacturers? Let’s talk about that.


  1. The Ultimate Material for Workout Clothes

Everyone has a different workout regimen that requires various positions and moves, but there’s one thing we all share in common: the need to move seamlessly. Supplex does the perfect job of contouring to your body while keeping your motion as the top priority. Lunges and 5K runs are no match.

 supplex sexy acticvewear

  1. Reduces Redness

The dreaded chafing. Nobody wants to talk about it. When your switch to Supplex, you’ll never have to open that discussion again. It's soft as can be, while still providing skintight support to reduce irritation and maximize your performance. Loose-fitting fabrics come with their own set of issues; leave them in the rearview mirror.

 supplex sexy activewear

  1. Quick-Drying

Leave the gym as majestic as when you entered it. Supplex dries wickedly fast, allowing you to leave the sweaty look behind. These are also fast-drying when hung up after a wash. The beautiful thing about this is the fact that it can still stretch up to 500%, so even if it looks like it’s shrunk after drying, you’ll be completely fine to slip back into your favorite leggings with no problem.

 supplex sexy activewear

  1. Breathable Beyond Belief

Just because you know you can keep going like the Energizer Bunny doesn’t mean your body will agree with you. Overheating is a serious issue, but with the most breathable material on the planet, it’s practically like working out naked. Cut down on overheating, and extend your workout duration.

 Supplex Sexy Activewear

  1. Look Sexy While Feeling Comfortable

Comfortable in your skin and the soft, cushiony feeling of Supplex, plus looking totally sexy? Yes please. Supplex contours to your body beautifully, showcasing all the hard work you’ve put into yourself, without giving anything away. You busted your butt to look as good as you do; let Supplex show it off a little. Look great, feel great, and abolish your old wardrobe. Move over - Supplex is moving in.

Haven’t grabbed your Supplex material workout gear yet? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. From timid to wild styles, there’s something for everyone. Check out all of our sexy new arrivals and what deal you can snag in our sales section!

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