Check Out Our Favorite Fitness Fashion Trends!

Ladies, fitness wear is no longer just for the gym. It’s no longer just wearing an old t-shirt and pair of leggings. It’s not about wearing something just to fit in. Athleisure wear is so much more and we are excited about the changes and trends!


Athleisure wear is just as much for the streets, for running errands, to meet with friends, to go to the office as for a workout. It’s an expression of who you are. Neon colors for the more adventurous while pastels for a little more low-key occasions. Whatever you fancy, you’ll find it! In this article, we’re giving you ladies a few of our favorite trends that are happening now. We are simply obsessed with these and we believe that you will be too.


  • NEON COLORS: this has been in for a while now but it seems like they are not going anywhere. And that’s just perfect! Neon pink, green and yellow. We love them all. A great way to add some color and happiness into your outfit!

neon green yoga set with long sleeve crop top and matching biker shorts.

  • JUMPERS / ROMPERS: these are super sexy and a great way to stand out wherever you go. Comfortable and stylish while also holding you in at all the right places. These are definitely show-stopper items.

blue romper

  • 2-PIECE SETS: for those of you who love to match, this is a huge trend. From simple styles to floral prints, you can find all types of sets to match any occasion. Dress them up with a cute pair of heels or make them more casual with a pair of sneakers. You can’t go wrong with either option.

unicorn printed fitness wear set. crop top with matching leggings.

  • BIKER SHORTS: Kim Kardashian has brought in this style and it’s still going strong. And we are also in love with this style. Perfect for the gym but also for running errands and meeting your friends. Find some cute ones with high waist and with pockets for your cell phone. All is available.

black biker shorts with matching long sleeves crop top

  • PASTEL COLORS: these are definitely one of our favorite trends. These colors are just dreamy! They are simply perfect to wear at any place, let it be the gym, or the coffee shop or if you’re a millennial, even in the office.

pastel colored ribbed fitness wear set

These are just a few of the many trends that we are obsessing over. So express yourself freely through colors, cuts, and styles. Choose whatever fits your style, your mood and your lifestyle. Comment and tell us what your favorite style is!

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