Avoid Injuries with these Simple Steps

Let’s talk about injuries for a second. It happens way too often and most of them could be avoided! When you’re in the gym next time, make sure you remember my suggestions:


Have you ever seen one of those funny videos of that one person doing something crazy at the gym? Well, don’t be that guy/ girl! Not only you’ll end up going viral but you will probably injure yourself too. If you’re not sure how to properly use a machine, there is no shame in asking the trainer or your gym buddy.


This is super important! Doing an exercise correctly with lower weights is way more effective than the other way around. Learn the correct form before increasing your weights. Heavy weights + wrong form => you’re probably not training the muscles you want to target AND you will injure yourself. Slow down, learn the proper form, and increase your weights consistently over time.


Pay attention to what you are doing, to the movements of the exercise, and to the muscles you are working. The mind-muscle connection is one benefit, but avoiding injuries is another one. So put down your cell phone and dedicate the gym time to yourself alone. Be there in mind and body both to get the most out of your workout!

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