10 Confidence Boosting Fitness Tips for 2018

With the new year comes a slew of fitness trends, gyms that are teeming at capacity, and crowded Miami streets full of joggers. If you’re already self-conscious, it’s like you woke up in a nightmare that’s assaulting your confidence. Here are ten tips to boost your confidence and let you exercise with flair.

1. Stay in Your Zone

If you’re in your own space, nobody can judge you. You can still hit the gym or run down the beaches of Miami while remaining confident. Just remember that you’re doing what’s best for you; listen to your favorite music or an audiobook, and keep your head in the game.

2. Dress the Part

Some of us enter the gym with the thought of getting a great workout, and not letting anything stop us. Then we see someone that we think is going to judge us, and it all just falls away. Having the right workout apparel can let you own the place before you even walk in the door.

fitness model wearing black fitness top with pink crochet and a black pair of leggings

3. Remember that Everyone’s Been in Your Shoes

If you enter the gym or you’re on a usual jogging trail, and you see someone that you think is going to judge you, just remember that they had to start from somewhere, too. We get in our own heads and think that everyone else is judging us, when in reality, that’s rarely the case.

4. Bring Your Friend

That person who’s always been there for you and makes you feel safe is the perfect companion to bring along. It’s like having a safety net, giving yourself a fighting chance before your anxiety tries to get the better of you. They can help keep you grounded, and your worries will melt away.

5. Stay On Target

If you go into the gym with the expectation to take one class, do 30 minutes of cardio, or some weight lifting, then do that - then leave immediately. When we’ve finished a workout and all those endorphins are rushing to our head, it’s a great feeling. Sticking around when the adrenaline starts to wear off is a surefire way to get stuck in your own head, so avoid it by heading out the second you’re done.

6. Make Weekly Goals

When was the last time you hit your goal and didn’t immediately feel thrilled? Setting reasonable goals that you can reach each week are building blocks to your confidence. You can look back on four or five weeks worth of achievements and think, “I got this,” every single time.

fitness model sitting on a bench on a tennis court wearing black and pink leggings and a pink fitness top

7. Assess Your Pre-Game Meal

Everything we put into our bodies gives us something in return. When we eat better, we feel better, and the knowledge that we’re doing everything we can for our bodies is something you can focus on while you’re exercising.

8. Start With a Personal Trainer

If you’re worried about judgment, no matter where you exercise, then you’re not alone. Starting with a personal trainer, even if it’s just to get you up to the right confidence level to attend the gym, can be a wonderful foundation for your self-confidence.

9. Train During Slow Hours

Any good gym is going to have a 24-hour access point, so utilize it. Imagine how empty the gym is at four in the morning; wake up earlier, plan ahead, and you’ll have a judgement-free zone to work in.

beautiful fitness girl with long brown hair standing in front of a wave board and wearing a black and green fitness top and grey leggings

10. Don’t Don Yourself in Tech

Fitness trackers and heart rate monitors mess with your head. We don’t need to have a bunch of tech on us to get a good workout session in. These are going to psych you out, even if you don’t realize it.

You’ve got the guts and the glory to reach your fitness goals; don’t let anything get in your way. Get your gear, and get moving.


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